Here at W. Tollett we currently employ two tradesmen who have over 45 years experience between them in remedial damp proofing, tanking and wood preservation. As a company we are approved contractors for Sovereign Chemicals who are the world leaders in the remedial field. We work closely with Sovereign http://www.sovchem.co.uk/ for all our Bespoke Specifications and training. We are also able to give full guarantees for 10, 20 and 30 years dependent on work and also full insurance backed guarantees.


We moved into this area as we noticed an uplift in calls regarding Damp, Condensation and Timber Preservation and where we used to sub contract out these works we took the step to develop the business further and keep the work in house, from this we have moved onto Basement conversions which provide that bit of extra room in an almost always redundant basement.



If there are signs of mould or other forms of dampness indicators within your property, then you may need to consider damp proofing or ventialtion. Damp proofing your property will make sure it stays dry and clean, and it can also completely obliterate your mould problem, we have the answers to your questions and we are able to provide any help you may require even if its only some friendly advise.

What To Know About Damp Proofing

Most modern buildings are built with some form of damp proof course barrier. This is to prevent water from getting into the buildings brickwork. In some older buildings all that was used in an attempt to stop this was a piece of stone. When this has failed it is usually best to insert some of damp proof course. This is usually done with a cream which is inserted into the bricks which stops water from getting into the masonry.

Why You May Need Damp Proofing

Rising damp is one of the most common causes of dampness in a building. Rising damp is caused from moisture being drawn up through porous bricks and mortar.

Various forms of salt and chlorides are found in this moisture that help attract moisture from the surrounding air when drying out. This provides an ideal growing ground for mould.


Injection Damp Courses


Rising Dampness can develop within walls due to the lack of an effective damp proof course or the omission of damp proofing during earlier construction. In most cases, rising dampness is identified by moisture readings obtained around the base of the walls, however in more severe cases of prolonged dampness, visible damp patches may appear, along with hygroscopic salts on the wall surfaces.


Typically, treatment involves removal of the skirting boards and wall plaster on the walls to be treated. The wall plaster is removed to approximately one metre or higher, depending on the salts within the masonry and several other factors.

The height of the necessary replastering will be individually specified on your quotation, once our Surveyor has carried out an inspection of your property. Replastering above one metre high is not uncommon. The damp proof course is installed into the walls by pattern drilling the masonry at the base of the wall and injecting a specially formulated solution of Injection Fluid, until the entire depth of the wall is fully impregnated.


W. Tolletts chemical injection process, is low odour and cures within the masonry wall to form an impervious barrier to rising dampness, which prevents moisture rising from the ground into the treated walls. Adjacent abutting walls are isolated using a vertical damp proof course. Used in conjunction with our specialist waterproof rendering system, the Damp Proof Course System, provides a reliable, highly effective and cost effective method for the treatment of rising dampness. Specialist replastering of the walls following the damp proof course installation is essential. The installed damp proof course prevents moisture continuing to rise into the walls, however, due to the effects of ground salts, the walls will not dry out effectively, unless the existing wall plaster is removed and replaced using a salt retardant render.


Properties with a dampness problem require immediate help.

Contact us today and find out exactly where the damp is coming from. Have your property surveyed and banish damp before it becomes an issue.